Creative wellbeing

Group Meetings:
Creative wellbeing = Using creative mediums to enhance your life – in English

Alan Cookson

You can use creative / artistic mediums as a way of life, a dedication, a job, as a serious or less serious hobby.

You can also use creative mediums as tools for personal wellbeing – and in this case you are freed from all burdens that you might place on yourself, such as = I have no talent, cannot write/draw/paint/and so on… The goal here is not to produce some work of art, or even be good in a creative medium, or to prove you have talent or that you can write/draw/paint/and so on…

The goal is to use a creative medium as a tool (like you use a key = tool - to unlock your home door) so as to enhance (unlock) your personal wellbeing. The creative medium is used solely for your wellbeing, for enjoyment, fun, or to rediscover these, or if you have some problem/issue that needs resolving. It can be used if you suffer pain from injury/illness/or emotional issues. With the likes of learning/exam difficulties, relationship, or work issues. Dealing with blocks/fears or other holding back things. In other words, you can use creative mediums for almost anything - and without creative talent - or being good at. Talent and being good at are not the goals.

No matter what your intentions are = as a way of life/hobby - or simply as a tool to resolve - or just have fun – this is the group for you.

To give you some idea - possible Creative Mediums are:

Creative writing, journaling, writing to discover, writing as freedom, my story, I am the story, writing as self-help, the world around you, paint with words………..and much more!

Visual journaling, Paint on what - with what - how you want - with what you want - with whatever theme is right for you…. Doodle, sketch, scribble, cartoon, nonsense creations….

Photo/Film/Digital Software:
Photo journaling, Photo self-help, photo collage, forget the rights and wrongs, forget the results, forget expectations, just click, anything/everything, even with the cheapest camera….let go of the digits on screen, unscrew your head……and play….create films for your goal…or just fun or nonsense…the goal is not a result, but your personal goal

Forget Bach and Mozart! Use music, instruments (even if you can’t play them), sounds, noise, and whatever…to create your own music…the music to your goal…or just for fun…or? Whatever it is you need and fits your goal aim.

Or use other creative mediums…
Be creative with creativity!
Contact: Alan Cookson, send a mail to meetings4creativity at gmail dot com

Now for the other details:
I have thought about doing this for quite a while now, but always got stuck on the following = I don’t have a space to do this in! Now I finally realise creativity is the solution! We = those interested+myself – will just have to be creative in dealing with this problem! We can meet anywhere, and then be creative if we need other solutions, I will also give extra help/guidance individually. The intention is that each person chooses their own medium to fit their own personal goal and do this on their own (although we might also be able to do group creative actions). The group meetings can be more for support, exchange, getting help, encouragement, tips, stimulation, and such likes. If the personal goal is highly sensitive you do not have share the full details in the group, just enough to get help and support. I am also available for individual help with these. The language of the group is English (but I also speak German so don’t let English hold you back).

My background:

Hi, my name is Alan Cookson, and a bit of an oddball, but don’t let this worry or stop you! I studied Fine Arts (Painting and Monumental Design) at HdK Utrecht, and also followed a course in Stage and Scenery Design. Before that I studied Social Studies in Child Care and Development Psychology in Amsterdam. I also studied Clinical Hypnosis Therapy. Born in UK I was thrown out of school illiterate at age 13 (recently I have discovered I have Dyslexia, ADHS, Aspergers and trouble with a condition known as Auditory Processing Disorder). Due to my situation I had a severe speech defect, and only much later in life learnt to speak fully (although it has left deep scars) and grew up hating words. I also taught myself to read, write and everything else. I still have no knowledge of grammar, maths and the likes. I function and learn purely through instinct. I have had to be creative all my life - and had a great deal of experience with using creativity to resolve issues. I was a seaman, taught myself engineering, worked on Third World Development Projects in Africa in engineering, and later worked in Children’s Homes in Holland, before studying art. I have had many painting exhibitions in Holland and several other countries. I was awarded a Writers Grant from the Berlin Senate, and held many literature readings around Berlin. I also worked in Theatre, Film, Installations, Performances and music. I ran groups using creativity to free yourself from blocks. Due to circumstances at the time I mostly stopped all of my artistic life in 2000 after the birth of my son. My main interest is in understanding the workings of the brain, and creativity, and how this can help individuals.